venerdì 25 febbraio 2011

When LIGHT meets ART in India

Rajasthani Dance, Pushkar Rajasthan by Rajan Kapoor

Art Thru The Lens - Art Exhibition. Photographs by Rajan Kapoor and Sanjay Bhattacharya at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai, India. 
It's with great pleasure that I present the very much talented Rajan Kapoor, whose high creativity, taste and professionality have led to his personal success : I have the honour to know him personally and appreciate him as a man and an entrepreneur. I found the photo above in my personal archive and want to share with you his view on it : " ..from the colourful spread of Rajasthan to the dewy quietude of sanctuaries like the Jim Corbett Park, to the lush greenery of the tea plantations; all this held me in much as the ghoomar dancers from Rajasthan.It was a fabulous experience to see the dancers dancing in rhythmic trance as I tried to capture their movement..."
 Kapoor and Bhattacharya duel well.For Bhattacharya, a well known painter, the texture and form in the detail was crucial in framing his expressions.For Kapoor, an industrialist by profession, the formal elements of a picture in the lighting, the composition, and in the organization of a subject and the technology the medium rides on, are crucial aspects. Singular approaches with a common language, though strangely grounded in a syntax that's so different. It is this jugalbandi that will hold the viewer's attention for quite a while. 
A great example, the one of Rajan Kapoor, how LIGHT is well present in his whole life.

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