martedì 5 luglio 2011

Interview to Kateblues, a czech lighting artist

Strange flower
Flowering Greenwood
Original floor lamp
When I first bumped into Katerina Smutna FLICKR site, I fell in love with her creations at first sight ! A mix of charming, antique and polychrome allure makes her lighting fixtures extraordinary and unique.I was so curious about her and her products that I asked her for an interview.
1.When have you started your collection?
" I started to work with the wire around seven years ago – I always liked objects braided with wire – old bottles, ceramic mugs. I bought a booklet with instructions for basic procedures, I learned to decorate bottles with wire and make a simple basket. Since then I have developed my work - but no longer from books, but only by my imagination. Wire itself leads me as the material to its capacity."
2.What inspired you for starting to make your own products?
To the greater development led me the fact that I accidentally discovered Czech server where various creators sell their hand made products. I offered few things that I had at home and when after about a month sold them all, I made more products. When I gradually discovered that my things have their own customers, I arranged the entire agenda in order to do this craft professionally. Making what I'm doing now is just a logical outcome of all my work which constantly evolves and moves on. The lamps I have been making for about a year, although the idea of creating them is a little older. I do not like to rush things, I rather have everything to run its course.
3.What is the reason for using iron wire and Czech glass for decoration?
I use the iron wire because it is cheap and easy to get. I learned to work with it, it listens to me. I like how it looks, it has a unique patina, it is raw and stands out in contrast with glass beads from regional manufacturers. It is impressing for me that everything is "Made in Czech Republic', I like the fact that I support the local producers by buying the material from them.
4.What is your best seller ?
My favorite craftsmen that I had the opportunity to see, although only virtually, are following: Ruth Jensen, who produces magical animals, jewelry and many other objects. From the Czech producers I like Merva Martina Regarding the lamps, my biggest favorite is Juro Vyboh R.E.P.A. - it is a boy, who also manufactures lamps from recycled PET bottles and other interesting objects. I recommend viewing galleries of all above mentioned artists.
5.Will you present your collection to some exhibition or event?
I present all my work mainly on network. Usually once a year I have a small exhibition in the neighborhood, attend to one or two craft markets, arrange one course. Presentation and selling my work on the internet suits me perfectly as it is easy on regular maintenance, I can sit down to my pc whenever I want, therefore I have time to devote to children, family and to work according to my discretion. I like that I am not tied to fixed working hours. Most of my things are created at night when the whole house is asleep and I have the time to work in peace and quiet.

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