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Lungo i canali e nelle piazze di Utrecht

Atmosfera di altri tempi nelle strade di Utrecht.
Dal 1993 le lampade ad induzione QL illuminano le strade lungo i canali e le piazze di Utrecht. Il retrofit con QL 55W è stato fatto nelle lanterne originali, disegnate dal famoso artista olandese Pyke Koch.

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Historical street lighting in Utrecht

Utrecht is one of the most historical and important cities of
the Netherlands. Along the canals and squares you will
find the cast iron columns with historical lanterns. These
lanterns, designed by the famous Dutch artist Pyke Koch,
contributes to the special atmosphere in this centuries-old
university town.
Before 1993, the lanterns were equipped with two lamps, one
TL-E 32W and a SL-18W lamp. Maintenance in this area was
hard because the use of heavy equipment was restricted. To
ensure public safety in the city centre, the municipality decided
to replace all the lamps every two years.
In 1993 the city tested the QL system along one of the busiest
canals of Utrecht. The 85W lamp was too bright, but the QL
55W lamp provided an appropriate level of illumination. To
create a warm and welcoming ambience for citizens and
tourists, the city selected a 2300K lamp which was specially
produced for Utrecht.
Since then, the municipality of Utrecht converted 1000 historical
lanterns to QL induction lighting. Replacement of the lamp
system is now only required after more than 15 years. Besides
the savings on maintenance, the QL lamps also improved the
quality of light and public safety. Facades of buildings are better
lit at night due to the wider beam of the QL light source.

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