mercoledì 10 settembre 2014

Unesco IYL 2015 International Year of Light 2015 : calls for ideas!

Stiamo valutando idee,iniziative per creare eventi,incontri in Italia durante il IYL 2015, UNESCO International Year of Light 2015 !
Non grandi eventi, ma anche piccole iniziative come aprire la propria attività a nuove discipline, andare in una scuola e parlare di luce, organizzare un tour dei vostri progetti della luce. Dateci una mano e facciamo in modo che sia possibile! Per maggiori info qui : 

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Lots of people seem to be excited by the idea of an official year to celebrate the thing we love the most, but are unable to get it together to put forward a proposal to help create an exciting and educational year.
There should be no barrier to entering an event or idea. It doesn’t have to be something that costs lots of money not do you need to have years of experience. It also doesn’t need to be a large event. You could offer a lighting design clinic, open your office to other disciplines, go into a local school and talk about light, offer to teach a class at a university or college, create a tour of your projects or a general light walk around a city… Now the call has been extended. Do something. Join in and help make this happen. Sharon Stammers, Martin Lupton Light Collective Co-Founders of the Social Light Movement

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