mercoledì 27 ottobre 2010

Pink Street Lamp

"Urs Fischer: Marguerite de Ponty Exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art on the Lower East Side in N.Y." By Amy Virshup.
I wonder why the street light is pink painted...the artist would just catch the eye or because we are already used to black street lamps?? Interesting contrast. Deformed and grey human bodies and inbetween a pink colour touch..Upside down world..
Thanks to Siri for the link :

"Urs Fischer :Marguerite de Ponty Exhibition al nuovo museo di arte contemporanea sul Lower East Side a N.Y." By Amy Virshup.
Mi domando perché il lampione é rosa...l'artista vuole colpire l'attenzione o perché i lampioni sono già grigi nella realtà?? Il contrasto é interessante. Corpi deformi e grigi e nel mezzo un tocco di rosa..Il mondo alla rovescia
Grazie a Siri per il link :

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  1. I saw this show at the opening night. It's one of the best installation I have seen in a while...(well I don't go see art show that often hehehe)

  2. It's really great! Lucky you. ;-)And thanks again.